Blind Trust is Not Informed Consent

photo-6We all want healthy children. That’s why we must have CHOICES and not be forced to inject our beloved children or ourselves with life-threatening Vaccine toxin’s. We have the RIGHT to CHOOSE what goes into our body or the body of our child. It’s what’s called ‘Informed Consent’. Informed Consent is a basic Right, as police force does not trump due process.

You have every Right to say NO to something that can kill you or your child.

Be Informed. Do your research. Study the Vaccine Package Inserts that clearly state all ADVERSE EVENTS that are not included in the VIS (Vaccine Information Statements). Be brave and question every, single Vaccine-toxin and their ADVERSE EVENTS and ingredients before you inject poisons that can’t be retracted.

It’s your job as a parent to be informed and to keep your baby safe and to do your proper research. Take the time to compare what the CDC recommends for your child with the actual Package Inserts that are written by the manufacturer of that Vaccine. Vaccines can cause serious injury and death.